Fly Fishing Journeys

Fly Fishing Show Season Title Sponsor Partnership

5 Steps to Marketing Success

1) Podcasts Advertising 







a) :15 Second Professionally Voiced Podcast Commercial in each podcasts from the show season

b) A Live Shout Out in each podcast thanking you for sponsoring the podcast, talking about your product and endorsing it.

c) A Minimun of 50 Podcasts from Jan – June, 2020.


2) Fly Fishing Journeys Booth Signage Logo Sponsorship 


a) Title Sponsor Logo Placecement on the Podcast Booth Display Sign

b) Only the 3 Title Sponsors logos will be included.


3) Video Vodcasting of Podcasts


a) We will be Video Vodcasting many of the Podcasts and posting to the FFJ YouTube Channel. Bissell Insurance logo will be front and center and easily visible on these recordings.



4) Fly Fishing Journeys Show Postcards









a) Title Sponsor Logo Placecement on the Podcast Show Postcards – 5000 pieces

b) Only the 3 Title Sponsors logos will be included

c) The same graphic used on the Booth Signage will be used on the Booth Postcards

d) Postcards will be distributed at all 7 Fly Fishing Show Locations and in Show Sponsor areas in the show main lobbies

e) Postcards will also be delivered around the country to participating fly shops in the perferred fly shop program



5) Banner Advertising on Fly Fishing Journeys Website

















a) 6 Months of Banner Advertising on the Fly Fishing Journeys Website

b) 3 Sizes:
300 x 250 – Square
300 x 600 – Vertical Rectangle
970 x 120 – Horizonal Banner

c) Ads will link back to Bissell Insurance Website

d) We will design each ad, send to you proof for approval and run as part of the program from Jan 1 -June 30



a) I have a few ideas as bonuses for you…

Program Investment:

$3500 for the 7 Shows and all the above (plus sign fee)

$300 – Signage fee to remake sign with Bissell Logo

Thank you for your interest in the Fly Fishing Journeys Podcast and Marketing Program.

It will be our pleasure to work with you and promote your service.