Episode Summary

Bob Popovics is a pioneer, innovator and master fly tier. He’s designed such patterns as The Big Bunker Fly, The Surf Candy, The Bucktail Deceiver and The Beast.  The original Big Bunker Fly was tied in 1971 and was 11” long.  The story Bob shares of how he showed people his new design can’t be missed.

When “Pop Fleyes” came out in 2001 it created a buzz within the fly fishing and fly tying community that I had never seen before.  The introduction of epoxies, the Pop Lip and the use of new materials to create patterns, both big and small, to imitate bait fish added to this frenzy of interest in the book.  The goal was to create patterns that targeted the bigger Striped Bass and that’s what Pop Fleyes did.  That was carried forward with his book Fleye Design in 2016.

In this podcast you will find the history of the flies and hear the stories with Lefty Kreh, Ed Jaworowski, Poul Jorgensen and others.

Bob finishes with a detailed, tactical approach to hitting the beach with a fly rod for big Striped Bass. From reading the land, reading the water, picking your tide and picking your fly, you won’t find a clearer description on fishing for Stripers from the surf.

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