Don Joaquín River Lodge & Fly Fishing Journeys

Promotional Partnership

7 Step Promotional Partnership

1) An exclusive Podcast on the Golden Dorado Fishing at Don Joaquín River Lodge








a. 45-60 Min Podcast with the team of Don Joaquín River Lodge about the Golden Dorado fishing in the Corriente River, Argentina. All the benefits of the lodge to be discussed on the podcast.

b. The podcast will be recorded on the last evening of our trip allowing for us to have the fullest understanding the fishing, the fishery and the amenities of the lodge. This way I can speak with the most passion about your fishery and your lodge.

2) Podcasts Advertising 







a. We will feature Don Joaquín River Lodge as a top sponsor in four (4) additional episodes of the Fly Fishing Journeys Podcast

b. We will write and professionally produce a podcast ad to play on the Fly Fishing Journeys podcast

c. We will also do live shout outs about the trip detailing why people should book with the lodge.

3) Banner Advertising on Fly Fishing Journeys Website

















a. 3 Months of Banner Advertising on the Fly Fishing Journeys Website

b. 3 Sizes:
300 x 250 – Square
300 x 600 – Vertical Rectangle
970 x 120 – Horizonal Banner

c. Ads will link back to Don Joaquín River Lodge Website

d. We will design each ad, send to you proof for approval and run as part of the program

4) A YouTube Video Blog (Vlog) on the trip to Don Joaquín River Lodge


a. A 15-minute thrilling video of the trip to Don Joaquín River Lodge. To be recorded with multiple, top of line GoPro cameras, including underwater footage and posted to the FFJ YouTube Channel.

b. A minimum 10k views guaranteed

c. Video will also be posted to the FFJ website, public FFJ Facebook Fan Page and private FFJ Facebook community group.

d. Promo video will also be post to the FFJ Instagram Page and Stories

e. Video will also be posted to many of the top Fly-Fishing Facebook Groups

5) Professional Don Joaquín River Lodge Marketing Video


a. To be shot on location by our cinematography team

b. Masterfully edited and stamped with the Don Joaquín River Lodge logo

c. Final length can be discussed but typically these are 1-2 minutes

d. These are incredible marketing tools and highlight the finest aspects of your lodge, the beautiful surroundings, your services, the fishing and all the additional activities.

e. High end, professional cinema cameras to be used for this marketing piece

f. Video will be mass distributed throughout the multiple YouTube, Vimeo and social media channels our team manages.

g. High Definition files will be shared with Don Joaquín River Lodge for internal marketing purposes

6) Professional Photography of our trip to Don Joaquín River Lodge


a. Our team of professional photographers will provide a fantastic gallery of professional photography from the trip.

b. FFJ and its team will share many of these professional photographs through their social media channels and tag Don Joaquín River Lodge

c. Additionally, we’ll leave these files with Don Joaquín River Lodge for internal marketing purpose

7) Multi-Channel Marketing Distribution


a. FFJ has team of talented fly fishing and media professionals called the #DreamTeam

b. Our Dream Team runs several marketing, YouTube and social media channels. We will deploy the content we create from the trip across our media channels and tag and promote Don Joaquín River Lodge during the process.

Program Investment:

a. Welcome Four (4) FFJ Promotional Team Members to accomplish the above:

Accommodations, Guiding, Food, Airport transfers, one (1) Spa service per guest and Horse-Back Riding for the team (for video documentation purposes).

b. $1500 allowance to offset one (1) team member’s flight – the remaining team members will cover their own airfare to Buenos Aries.


Thank you for your interest in the Fly Fishing Journeys Podcast and Marketing Program.

It will be our pleasure to partner with you and promote your lodge.