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Episode Summary

As producers of Fly Fusion Magazine, Fly Fusion TV and the IF4 Film Festival, the Jennifer and Chris Bird and their team are dedicated to put out high quality fly fishing media content in various formats.

As a reader of Fly Fusion Magazine, a subscriber of Fly Fusion TV and an annual attendee of IF4, I’d say they are doing just that.

It’s certainly overused to say “this was a fun conversation” but you can’t get within ten feet of Chris and Jenn without finding yourself in a great conversation, usually ending in some great laughter.    

The combination of fly fishing and media is something that fuels me.  To get a close up look at the success of Fly Fusion was just a joy. Seeing a couple and team doing it right, doing it well and arguably doing the best, was more that I could have hoped for in this conversation.

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