David Watterworth: America’s Favorite Flies

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David Watterworth is a seasoned fly angler and proud Michigander.  He played a major role as one of the collaborators to an epic, coffee table style book that has the entire fly fishing community buzzing, America’s Favorite Flies.  Enjoy this edition of the Fly Fishing Journeys podcast as we talk with David while he shares great stories about this amazing collections of flies, photos, artwork and articles that make up America’s Favorite Flies.


Catching Shadows: A Conversation with Master Fly Designer Rich Strolis

Rich Strolis Fly Tier CT

Episode Summary 

Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn about Rich in this episode:

  • Rich Strolis started as a guide on the Farmington & Housatonic Rivers in Connecticut.
  • He later transitioned his work to commercial tying, speaking engagements and teaching many facets of both fly fishing and fly tying across the Northeast and East Coast. His fly patterns although based out of the Northeast, have a strong following and relevancy across the globe and have been tied and fished by many because of his library of online videos.
  • He is a signature fly designer for the Montana Fly Company, which currently produces over 30 of his patterns.
  • His patterns have appeared in several national magazines and books, including Flyfisherman, Eastern Fly Fishing, Strip Set, Fish Bugs, his own book called Catching Shadows and the newest premier coffee table style publication Americas Favorite Flies.
  • Rich is a very well-rounded trout fisherman, but his passion lies in chasing trophy trout and various other apex predators on streamers. He lives in Simsbury, Connecticut, with his wife two daughters and serves as a full time Police Officer.

For More Information: http://www.catchingshadows.com/ https://americasfavoriteflies.com/

Big, Colorful Deer Hair & Fishing Stories with Steve Wascher

Steve Wascher Deer Hair Fly Tyer

Episode Summary 

Steve Wascher is a master at the vice. He has been tying since age 6. He is a 3rd generation fly tier. He has been an exhibition tier for the past 14 years. As a school teacher for the past 30 years you can see his love for teaching and demonstration come out in his tying. He shares in expertise in tying big, colorful deer hair flies. He also shares some great insight on the New York fishing waters…

Steelhead Alley with Scott Grassi

Scott Grassi Steelhead Erie Fly Fishing

Episode Summary 

Scott Grassi is a Master Angler and Guide. In this podcast he shares knowledge and insight on how to fish for monster Steelhead Trout along Steelhead Alley in PA & Western New York.


Scott is the owner of Steelhead Inn in Erie, PA. It serves a great launching point for a wondering fishing adventure. The Inn offers a fishermen’s discount. Recorded live at The Steelhead Inn in Erie, PA. http://www.steelheadinnerie.com/