John Shewey – Editor Northwest Fly Fishing Magazine – Steelhead Flies

John_Shewey -Steelhead - Northwest Fly Fishing Magazine

Episode Summary

One of the true pleasures I receive from being a podcast host in the Fly Fishing Industry is the ability to meet some of the neatest people on the planet.

It doesn’t take long after meeting John Shewey to realize what a solid person he is.  John is the Editor in Chief of Northwest Fly Fishing Magazine, as well as their sister magazines, Southwest Fly Fishing and Eastern Fly Fishing.  He started as a writer in the inaugural addition over 20 years ago. I remember when this regional publication hit the market in the 90’s and thinking, what a cool, local fly fishing magazine with an amazing design and great photos. 

John is also the author of some great, local Oregon books and a classic steelhead flies book.

We get into all that plus how the magazine transitioned from the tragic loss of one of their founding partners.

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Steve Woit – Fly Fishing Treasures, The World of Fly Fishers and Collecting

Steve Woit Fly Fishing Treasures

Episode Summary

I am not a huge history buff like my buddy Jeremie Loble of Water Master Rafts.  After visiting France this past summer, he brought me a beautiful keepsake from Omaha Beach after he had visited Normandy and some other World War II sites.  I do like to research history and value its importance to having a better understanding of today’s times.

In fly fishing, our history involves the people who impacted our sport over time. The early and fine equipment has become treasures for us to uncover.

In his stunning, coffee-table style book, Fly Fishing Treasures, Steve Woit dove into the world of fly fishing history and collectibles.  These collectibles are like the finest fly fishing antiquities and they are fascinating and beautiful behold.

The art of collecting fly fishing antiques is in and of itself an amazing undertaking.  To spend seven years of your life, traveling around the world, studying, documenting and photographing these collections is simply amazing; and that’s just what Steve did.

In this chat, I speak with the author, Steve Woit and two of the many collectors he featured in the book, Jerry Girard and MJ FitzGerald.

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Steve Brown & Heather Harkavy – Fish For Change & Fly Fish Guanaja

Steve Brown Heather Harkavy Fish For Change Fly Fish Guanaja

Episode Summary

On this episode, you will hear how the passion for fishing can be an amazing medium to effect change in the world.  I originally learned of Steve Brown when I saw his movie Beyond The Horizon.  What an incredible story.  It’s now available to watch on Vimeo and I recommend you watch it. I will leave a link in the show notes.

Steve is the founder of Fish For Change and along with his team including Heather Harkavy, Director of Development and Student Programs, are making a difference in the lives of young people around the world.

Have a listen to this dramatic and heart-warming podcast with Steve and Heather.

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Joel Doub – Custom Fly Rod Building, Tom Morgan Rodsmiths

Custom Fly Rod Building Tom Morgan Rodsmiths

Episode Summary

In this episode, we learn about the process of making a custom fly rod. My guest is Joel Doub, co-owner of Tom Morgan Rodsmiths.  If you ever wondered how fly rods are crafted, especially custom and hand-made fly rods, you are going to love this episode.

Joel and fellow co-owner, Matt Barber learned the process of making high quality, custom fly rods from the late Tom Morgan.  Tom was the fly rod designer for RL Winston for many years before starting his own, small-batch, custom fly rod company.  Unfortunately, Tom passed in July 2017.  Joel does an amazing job sharing Tom’s passions and legacy in this episode.  The spirit of those passions is carried forth in Tom Morgan Rodsmiths.

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George Daniel – Fly Fishing Author, Champion & Family Man


Episode Summary

In addition to being an amazing angler, George Daniel is a fly fishing educator and a family man.

Hailing from Pennsylvania, George learned from the years of experience from his mentor, Joe Humphries.  He went on to compete with Team USA and had the opportunity to compete in five World Fly Fishing Championships.  He has also served as coach for both the US Youth Team and Fly-Fishing Team USA.

George is a two-time US National Fly Fishing Champion and was ranked as high as 5th in the world.

He’s written three books: Nymph Fishing, Dynamic Nymphing and Strips-Set.

This was a fun chat where we learn about the foundation of George’s story and pick his brain on some tips and tricks for advancing our skills.

Find more on George Daniel here:

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Jason Borger – The Story of a Shadow Caster


Episode Summary

What if you caught your first brown trout at the young age of 2 ½ years old and then by chance get brought back to the same river, almost the same spot at age 21 for a role you would be forever associated with.  It’s just one of those full-circle stories that gives you goosebumps.

You may remember the explosive growth fly fishing experienced throughout the ‘90’s.  It’s widely believed that a lot of that growth came from Robert Redford’s film rendition of Norman Maclean’s novel, A River Runs Through It.

One of the main characters, Paul Maclean, is played by Brad Pitt.  Growing up in Missoula, MT, For Paul, and his brother Norman, fly fishing was intrinsic to their way of life. But Paul has a special gift.  He was the Shadow Caster. If you have seen A River Runs Through It, you know that magical and glorious cast that raises monster trout to a passing dry fly.

And if you haven’t seen it, stop and go watch it!

Brad Pitt, the Shadow Caster, had a stunt double who performed the more elaborate casting in the movie.  So who did Robert Redford call on for this role, my guest on this podcast, award-winning caster and fly fisher, Jason Borger?

It was an honor to visit with Jason in his home town of Vancouver, Washington. In just an enjoyable, fun and a bit technical conversation, Jason and I chat about his role in the movie, growing up in a fly fishing home as the son of fly fishing icon Gary Borger and his lastest book, Single-Handed Fly Casting, A Modular Approach.

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Son Tao – The Origin Story of this Master Fly Tier

Fly Tying Son Tao Master Fly Tier

Episode Summary

This is quite possibly one of the coolest stories I have ever heard. Son Tao and his flies have been an internet sensation.  Tying for a few short years, his flies are meticulous and beautiful.  In this short time, his Instagram channel has grown to over 30K followers. How is that possible? In addition to his gorgeous flies, his photography is stunning. In this podcast, we learn about the equipment and the process he uses to get such amazing photos.  Above all this, Son shares his origin story, how he came to America and how he ended up as a First Sargent in the US Army.

Just amazing.  Please do me a favor and after listening, share this podcast with someone you know who loves fly fishing or fly tying.  I think they will find it as fascinating as I did.

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Carson & Wyatt Angeli – Happy On The Fly

Happy On The Fly

Episode Summary

When you see young men making such a positive impact within our sport and more importantly our community, that needs to be highlighted as well as commended.

Carson and Wyatt Angeli along with their dad Paul, have created a fly fishing YouTube channel called Happy on the Fly. It focuses on the two boys enjoying fly fishing, on-stream tutorials and fly-tying instruction for youth and beginners alike.

More importantly, the boys are active with their local Trout Unlimited chapter and work as Streamside Mentors helping veterans on the river.  Very cool.

I am very proud of these two fine young men and was honored to interview them. You can follow their YouTube channel: Happy on the Fly.

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Linda Leary – From Ice Road Truckers to Womens Fly Fishing Products

Linda Leary - Fishe Wear

Episode Summary

In this episode of the Fly Fishing Journeys Podcast, you will see the heart of the American entrepreneurial spirit in full force.  From the TV show Deadliest Jobs, to Ice Road Truckers to a highly successful line of women’s apparel and fly-fishing products, Linda Leary is all about passion in everything she does.  Based in Anchorage, Alaska she realized after she sold her trucking company, so much of what she had learned in years of business would apply to her love of fly fishing and FisheWear was born.   

We caught up at the Fly Fishing Show in Denver and learn about how she transitioned from a trucking company and a reality TV series to a leader in women’s fly fishing and apparel and technical products.

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Tom Baltz – Pennsylvania Limestone and Spring Creeks

Tom_Baltz_Tom Baltz - Pennsylvania Limestone and Spring Creeks

Episode Summary

In this episode of the Fly Fishing Journeys Podcast, Tom Baltz shares about the legends of the Pennsylvania limestone streams and spring creeks. The Letort, the Big Spring, the Yellow Breeches and the like have a special lore and heritage in American Fly Fishing history. Names like Charlie Fox & Vince Marinaro are synonymous with the area. We talk about the difference between a limestone a spring creek and even touch on the English chalk stream.

Tom is an Orvis Endorsed guide and an accomplished fly tier. His Para-Nymph was magical on a back-country pond in Labrador for me this summer.  If you see Tom at a show, be sure to grab some of his masterful Para-nymphs.

Tom Baltz – Orvis Page

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