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Fly Fishing Journeys was honored to have Chuck Furimsky, the founder of The Fly Fishing Shows on the podcast live from the Denver event.  As an innovator and a pioneer, Chuck had an amazing vision for these massive events. The Fly Fishing Shows, with seven stops all over the country, has proven to be the hub for consumers to gather with and learn from industry leaders and fly fishing and tying professionals.

The Fly Fishing Show has become the largest consumer fly fishing event in the world.  With stops near seven major metro areas in the country, a fly fishing enthusiast has great access to the shows. With events like casting demonstrations, featured fly tiers, seminars, presentations, manufactures, an author’s booth, a learning center, featured classes and special events, “The Show” has become the perfect winter activity to get every fly fisher ready and excited for the new year ahead.

Chuck shares the history of how the shows were founded, tells a few classic tales of Theo Bakelaar and Lefty Kreh and engages us with us about the coming season.

To learn more about Chuck and the shows come out and say hello.

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Josh Miller Fly Fishing Team USA

Josh Miller Fly Fishing Team USA

Episode Summary

Josh Miller is an accomplished angler and a talented fly tier.  He’s a member Fly Fishing Team USA and also serves as one of the team coaches for the Fly Fishing USA Youth Team. You can often find him as a featured fly tier at many of The Fly Fishing Shows or at the International Fly Tying Symposium.  He hales from Pittsburgh, PA where is runs a successful guiding business call Trout Yeah!

I was fortunate to sit down with Josh at the Symposium this fall and talk about fly fishing competitions, Euro-Nymphing techniques and some cool destinations trips he been on.

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Theo “Gold Bead” Bakelaar

Theo Gold Bead Bakelaar

Episode Summary

What a journey with Mr. Theo Bakelaar, AKA “Gold Bead” Bakelaar.  You see Theo was the originator of using gold beads in fly tying.  He was the one who brought gold beads to America for fly tying.  Wait until you hear the story of how he branded himself and his gold beads back in the day.  You don’t want to miss this!  Today gold and all kinds and colors of beads are used in fly tying and we have Theo to thank for that!

To meet Theo in person, make plans to attend the 2019 International Fly Tying Symposium this Fall.  More details to come.

The Catskill Fly Fishing Center & Museum

The Catskill Fly Fishing Center & Museum

Episode Summary

When you talk about American Fly Fishing, the Catskills is one of the of the first places that comes to mind.

It was great to connect with John Kovach and Rob Ceccarini of The Catskill Fly Fishing Center & Museum at the International Fly Tying Symposium.  We had a great conversation about the legendary museum that was founded in 1981 and has names like the Darbee’s, the Dette’s and Lee & Joan Wulff.

The Museum & Center is a wonderful place located in a magical part of the country, the Catskills.  Home of American dry fly fishing, the Catskills is boasts world famous rivers like the Beaverkill, the Willowemoc, the Neversink and the Esopus creek.  Rob shares his expertise on the rivers, best tactics and the insect life.  John talks about history of the museum, the current events schedule and how, as a center, everyone is welcome to be involved.

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Tim Cammisa Trout and Feather


Episode Summary

Tim Cammisa is a passionate fly fisher and expert fly tyer. He is the owner of the Trout and Feather Fly Tying show you can find both on YouTube and on his website
With over 200 videos, 17,000 subscribers and 3 million views, his channel has been very well received. It was cool to spend some time with Tim as I was able to witness so many people interact with him and tell him how he taught them how to tie from his channel.
Tim has found giving back even more rewarding as he and his wife Heather are passionate about volunteering with Project Healing Waters.
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The Fly Fishing Show season is almost upon us. You can visit the Show at one of its seven show locations.
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Phil Rowley Still Water Fly Fishing


Episode Summary

You have heard of names like Phil Rowley, Bill Spicer and Colin McKeown. All hosts from the TV show I and so many more have loved over the years, The New Fly Fisher.  Live from the International Fly Tying Symposium we were honored to have Phil Rowley as a guest.  Phil started in the industry as a commercial fly tier. He has written for almost every major fly-fishing publication in North America, including being a feature columnist in BC Outdoors magazine for over 10 years.  Phil is proud recipient of the Life Time Achievement Award from Fly Tyer magazine as well as the 2017 Jean Guy Cote Award recipient for his contribution to Canadian fly tying.

We had a great conversation on stillwater fly fishing tactics, the balanced fly, a cool new app called Still Water Fly Fishing as well as some destination opportunities at the end of the world.

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The fly fishing show season is almost here!

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Gary Hanke Alberta Fly Fishing


Episode Summary

Right from our first video conference chat, I knew Gary Hanke and I would become great friends. I would be flying through Alberta on my way to the Northwest Territories for a trip to Aylmer Lake Lodge. On the way back, I thought I would spend some time in the Calgary Area. I dropped Gary a line as we had chatted a bit through his Facebook Group, Alberta Fly Fishing. Before long we were making plans to fish together when I got to Calgary. He had some select Bull Trout water he wanted to show me. We also planned to float the Bow River.

Gary is an expert fly tier. He was the one I ordered my 7” predator flies from for my trip to Aylmer Lake Lodge for monster Lake Trout. Gary has also served as a competitive fly fisherman for Team Canada with excellent euro-nymphing skills.

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The Fly Fishing Show season starts in Denver on Jan 4, 2019. There is a total of seven shows across the country.
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Kevin McNeil of Aylmer Lake Lodge


Episode Summary

Sometimes in life you just need to go further, push through invisible barriers that you thought were there.
What an incredible week my son Tyler and I had at Aylmer Lake Lodge in the Northwest Territories, Canada.

A gorgeous camp, wonderful hosts, trophy Lake Trout high in the water column and huge Grayling.
On top of all this, an encounter of a lifetime, face to face, well actually 30 yards from a 1200 pound Arctic Muskox. Truly an experience of a lifetime.

Here’s a really fun conversation with Kevin McNeil of Aylmer Lake Lodge.

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Derek Olthuis of InTents Media


Episode Summary

Sitting down with Derek Olthuis was something we thought about from the minute we started podcasting.  WOW! This conversation didn’t disappoint.  From his legendary films on the International Fly Fishing Film Festival to his passion to go anywhere in the world to chase the fish, the story and the dream. As part of InTents Media, Derek and the team won the top film in two of the recent iF4 festivals.  With movies such as Arctic Unicorns, The Hidden and Seriously North, these guys are taking fly fishing indie films to the next level.  In addition to his work with InTents Media, Derek serves as a proud ambassador and social media professional for some great companies: Orvis, Buff USA, Water Master Rafts, Bluehalo and the American Museum of Fly Fishing. Connect with Derek on Instagram: @derekolthuis,,,

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Day 3 at the International Fly Tackle Dealer Show (IFTD)


Episode Summary

Here are the Day 3 mini-podcasts from the International Fly Tackle Dealers Show (IFTD)
This was the final day of the event and I was glad to connect with some great people.

Brent Bauer – Director of Product at Umpqua Feather Merchants

Jim Klug of Yellow Dog Fly Fishing Adventures

Derek DeYoung of DeYoung Studios

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