Jeff_Currier Fly Fishing Around The WorldJeff_Currier Fly Fishing Around The World

Episode Summary

Jeff Currier of Global Fly Fishing has probably caught more species of fish on the fly then dare I say any human ever.  From his beginnings on the North Shore of Boston, chasing Muskies on the fly through college in Wisconsin and trout bumming around the world, Jeff has set the bar high for professional fly fishing and kindness to his fellow man.  To know Jeff is to know what special person he is.  Along with his wife Granny, as he calls her, they are an amazing couple and it has been an honor to get to know them over the past few years.

Live form The Fly Fishing Show in Marlborough, MA, I caught up with Jeff and got the updated number of species on the fly, learned how he launched a career in fly fishing from a fly shop in Jackson Hole, WY and took a fly fishing trip around the world.

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