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A Dream Trip to Glacier National Park

In life, there are certain experiences that help shape you as a person.  Whether it’s our first sporting event, concert, or destination trip, it can help steer you into your passions.  This was true for me with my first true out of state fishing trip....

Discover the Upper Connecticut River

It was like a calling. Something from deep within.  You here about at the shows. You see the photos on online.  The Upper Connecticut Lakes and the headwaters of the 407 mile Connecticut River has a magical lore that draws you.   I...

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To Protect, Preserve and Restore Native Fish

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Surrounded by the Connecticut Lakes, the headwaters of the Connecticut River, and many remote streams and ponds, Tall Timber is the perfect setting to relax after an exhilarating day outdoors.


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InTents Media Filming Around The World

I’m really pumped to share the InTents Media pod with you all. What do I love about these dudes, well just that, they’re INTENSE! They go to the ends of the earth for the amazing story, for the epic fish and for the serious passion. Each year you can find their films in the International Fly Fishing Film Festival where they have been honored with top film in several of the recent years.
Take a listen and leave some comments with your thoughts…Thanks!

To stay connected with the guys from InTents Media on InstaGram:
Cortney Boice: @bluehalogear
Phil Tuttle: IG @phil_tuttle
Derek Olthuis: @derekolthuis
Spencer Higa: @tackyflyfish


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Jason Randall – Understanding Trout Behavior For Catching Bigger Fish

Jason Randall – Understanding Trout Behavior For Catching Bigger Fish

Jason Randall is one of the top authorities in fly fishing today. His books include Moving Water, Trout Sense, Feeding Time and Nymph Masters. He is part of the Temple Fork Outfitters National Advisory Team with a focus on the development of nymphing rods.

We sat down at the Atlanta Fly Fishing Show and had a great conversation about trout behavior and how to catch more and bigger fish.
This podcast will give you a better understanding of trout and their habitat. You’ll gain knowledge of their feeding behaviors and patterns. You will learn strategies for targeting and catching bigger fish.

You can find more information about Jason and his writings at:

You can find more information about The Fly Fishing Shows here:

Bob Romano – Rangeley, Maine Stories and Strategies

This episode is packed with golden nuggets! Bob goes in deep as he shares his passion for a legendary neck of the woods, the Rangeley, Maine area.

Bob was born in NY and grew up in NJ but his heart has always been in Maine. Having a camp on Aziscohos Lake, ME for over 30 years put him the middle of one of the most historic fly fishing regions in the northeast, Rangeley, ME.

We have a great conversation about his novels that portray the Rangeley area in story.

We move into one of the most articulate reviews of the fishing opportunities available to a fly fisher as Bob covers tips and tactics to find and catch large, native Brook Trout in Maine.

We finish by diving into Bob’s wealth of knowledge of fishing literature as he shares some of his top 10 lifetime fly fishing books.

This could not have gone any better. If you like Maine, like Brook Trout or like books, this is your podcast. Please enjoy, subscribe and share with a friend.

Please find Bob’s books and more info on the Rangeley Lakes region here:

A great place to find fly fishing books:

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