Episode Summary

These days subscriptions are an integral part of everyday life.  I know I use a ton of subscription services. For instance, my favorite magazines all come via subscription.  Spotify Premium has replaced all previous forms of music purchases.  Adobe’s monthly Creative Cloud service is my photo and video editing software. I use Audible for books on audio.  The list goes on…

The fact is I spend a ton of money on flies so when I met Dan Edwards and Brandon Miller of True Fly Supply, I wanted to get the scoop on their subscription fly box model.  In addition, they are just fun and funny dudes so we planned a chat at the recent Denver Fly Fishing Show.

What was really cool about this pod was hearing the story about how Dan’s grandfather was one of the earlier settlers in Cheesman Canyon, CO in the 30’s.

Brandon is a free spirit and a tech genius.  You can often find him bouncing around one of the fly fishing shows or running a live video fly tying session online, usually with a Hawaiian shirt on and full of hilarity.

Take a listen and if you think the subscription fly box model is something you want to know more about, give those guys a holler!


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